WARNING: The  above videos contain adult language.

It was 2005 when I officially fell in love with Lenny Bruce. A friend of mine, Charlie Brill, approached me and asked me if I knew who Lenny Bruce was. I told him, yes I had an idea of him. He said, “I’ve been observing you, and you remind me of him.” He then told me of a one-man show about Lenny Bruce written by Sam Bobrick and Julie Stein. He wanted to direct me as Lenny. Originally, I told him no. I was scared to death to play such a legend. After a few years of Charlie asking, I eventually agreed to do it. After hundreds of hours of research on Lenny Bruce, I truly fell in love with him. We had a nice, successful six-month run of that production.

A few years after that, during a long run on General Hospital, I connected with the head writer, Robert Guza and discovered his love for theater…and Lenny Bruce. He directed the second incarnation of Lenny’s Back. We enjoyed another 6-month run.

I am forever grateful to Charlie, and to Sam and Julie for thinking of me and for starting me on this incredible journey. I am thankful that Bob has been willing to help me grow and develop this character even more. And, most of all, I am grateful to Lenny Bruce, for being ahead of his time.

– Ronnie