Ronnie Marmo is Lenny Bruce

April 8, 2010 | Category: News | 6 Comments

WARNING: This video contains adult language.

Five years ago, I met Charlie Brill who asked me if I knew who Lenny Bruce was.  I said yes, and he went on to introduce me to Sam Bobrick and Julie Stein.  Charlie directed me in our first run and it was an amazing experience. 
Since that production five years ago, I have had a yearning to revisit this material. So when I met Bob Guza and he expressed an interest in directing theatre again, I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to bring Lenny back to life for the second time. I handed him Lenny Bruce is Back (And Boy is He Pissed). He read it that night I gave it to him and called me the next day really excited about the project.  I called Charlie to get his blessing and he was thrilled to hear that I would be doing it again.
Bob is a fantastic director who has challenged me to take my embodiment of Lenny Bruce to the next level. He has pushed me past my comfort zone many times during this process, and I am constantly excited and fascinated by the process of learning, growing, and becoming, Lenny Bruce.
I am forever grateful to Charlie, and to Sam and Julie for thinking of me and for starting me on this incredible journey. I am thankful that Bob has been willing to help me grow and develop this character even more. And, most of all, I am grateful to Lenny Bruce, for being ahead of his time.

– Ronnie

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